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Hello, I’m Heather Goldsmith, Head Secretary of the United Fascist Union.  I’m making this small auxiliary site to cover any little thing Deputy Director Parker forgot, or couldn’t fit into her site at: http://joanne21921.tripod.com.  We needed to make another 08’ election site because Mr. G. has made a couple more speeches in Baltimore and Toronto since then.  Also, I like this photo of him speaking that was taken in December 05’ in front of the Elkton, Maryland Courthouse.



I also wanted to make my own 08’ Jack Grimes election site, to make sure Mr. G. does become the next United States President as this country can’t afford another piece of human shit like that dirty bastard Bush and /or more 9/11-style terror hoaxes.


Anyone who wants to write me may do so at jack_grimes6@hotmail.com or c/o the UNITED FASCIST UNION at P. O. Box 2209, Elkton, MD 21922.  Contributions to the U.F.U. 08’ campaign should be made payable to Jack Grimes.


Heil Grimes!!


Vote Fascist!!


We hope you'll find the information you need on this site to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or need further information.




Please look over our site and give our viewpoints on the issues due consideration.

Our Candidate, Jack Grimes


Here is a photograph of Jack Grimes giving his speech on homelessness in front of the Cecil County Courthouse.

UFU Campaign Headquarters * P.O. Box 2209 * Elkton * MD * 21922