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The Issues

Jack Grimes' message to the American Voters.

Everyone Needs a Home Speech

December 21, 2005

by Mr. Jack Grimes, U. S. United Fascist Union’s Presidential Candidate in 2008



Ladies and Gentlemen, over the course of this last year following events revolving around the sorry state of homeless Americans has been depressing, to say the least.


From an article in the newspaper “Loaves and Fishes” we discover violence against homeless men, women, and even children is on the rise across the nation.  By turning on the telly we hear how soup kitchens in Baltimore are hosting knife fights and in “The Record” we read about Harford County’s homeless men wandering from church to church, from October to April as there is no permanent homeless shelter in the entire area.


How can this be in the richest country in the world?  We have been brought to this sorry state because the rich, ruling families, like the Carnegies, the DuPonts, the Mellons, and Rockefellers, have a monopoly on 98% of the physical wealth in the nation leaving only 2% for the rest of us.  Add to this, ivory tower liberals like Bush and Clinton are holding all of the political offices in the land and you come up with a formula for a disaster waiting to happen.


It isn’t even so much a case of the ruling political elite being willfully evil as it is more a case of sublime ignorance of what is going on under their very own noses.  This more than anything clearly illustrates the folly of allowing the rich to influence a country’s policies and hold all of it’s elected offices.  And, so it is and always has been, and it’s also why nothing is ever going to improve in America until we change the entire formula of government on every level.


Now, you might say, what can I do?  Let us leave him; he is a dreamer and a fool.  But, I say to you, YOU must take the power from the capitalist ruling elite, you must form new political parties and then give the Democrats and Republicans the boot wherever you find them.  You must take it upon your own shoulders to push for renewed “Social Justice” across the land.  Then you must make sure that the people who hold public offices are really working for the public’s good an America’s national welfare.



Speech Given For UFU-Canada for Peace Garden   July 16, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen:


Our Friend, Jackson Grimes, from the United Fascist Union of Canada, will address this assembly.    All rise and salute His Excellency, The Director and CEO.  Good Afternoon Folks, I am happy to be back in the beautiful city of Toronto again, with you.   I chose to speak to you from the Peace Garden for obvious reasons, with the monster south of the border hellbent on causing World War 3. It is important "we" as citizens of planet Earth, do all that lies within our power to defeat and derail the brutal war machine of the anti-Christ known as li'l W, should read li'l DEVIL! 


Even though I am a Pagan I have studied both the Holy Koran and the Christian Bible.  It is written: “ye shall know devils by their deeds”.  From the Acts of the Apostles the Communist fiend, Bush, stands condemned by his own deeds and actions.  Stealing two national elections, “faking” the 9/11 Terror Hoax, falsely accusing Osama bin Laden of the crime that his stooges from the BATF and the FBI committed when they blew up the Towers themselves, under orders from Dick Cheney.  Also invading Afghanistan and causing a Nazi-style occupation of that country.  Then, too murdering Our Beloved Saddam Hussein and deposing our legal “Fascist Government” in Baghdad so a puppet regime could be established allowing the Americans to steal oil that rightfully belongs to the Iraqi people.


It was said once on CNN radio, the “problem with Saddam was he wouldn’t let go of FASCISM so he had to be ousted from power and the Fascist Government destroyed”.  Why did a kind and gentle man who brought prosperity to Iraq through Fascism and offered the olive branch to the Arab world through OPEC had to die for a mad cowboy’s diseased New World Order?  Was it because he was about to start pricing units of Iraqi oil in Euro’s or was there some other reason?


Remember the CNN report saying Saddam had to go because he wouldn ‘t let go of FASCISM!  Fascism, is the perfect antidote to the bleak world of capitalism, which Georgie-porgie and his henchmen represent.  Fascist governments have always improved the standard-of-living and raised the quality of life for every man and woman in every country fortunate enough to have a Fascist government, from Italy to Iraq.  This is why political pigs from Roosevelt to Bush have always murdered our leaders whenever a pretext presents itself.  They don’t want you to see how good you could live with corporate statism as your national economic system.  They know you’ll rush to embrace Fascism, then the jigs up for them.


The CBC and CTV are full of news about Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s trip to Washington, D.C. and Canada growing closer to the U.S.A.  This is bad news for Canada.  Bush is a latter-day Joe Stalin, he will suck you in, then absorb Canada; as his Russian counterpart once absorbed Eastern Europe.  Are you ready to trade in your Maple Leaves to become the fifty-first star on "their" shit rag “Old Glory”.  If not, you had better send a message damn quick telling parliament you don’t want any part of the Texas Twister or his Orwellian nightmare, Amerika.


As we conclude this I wish each of you will pray for peace all over the world and hope for a latter-day John Wilkes-Booth who will part Georgie-porgie’s hair with a bullet and send him back to hell where all devils belong.


Farewell, and peace be with you! Edit Text

Our Candidate, Jack Grimes Edit Text

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Here is a photograph of Jack Grimes giving his speech on homelessness in front of the Cecil County Courthouse. Edit Text


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