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Here we will explain the purpose of the United Fascist Union and we also include our faq sheet below.

Statement of Purpose

1. The United Fascist Union exists to promote a revival of the Republican Commonwealth of Imperial Rome and stand against liberalism, public corruption, decadence and Democracy in all the evil forms they manifest themselves in. The United Fascist Union will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, national origin or disability, provided that the applicant is a conservative of national origin. Nor will the U. F. U. endorse any type of racial hatred, such as that being practiced by conventional rightist groups. We will also not accept those that hate minorities, practice discrimination or that would do violent, stupid things as members.

2. The main objectives of the United Fascist Union shall be: (a) To institute a military Dictatorship form of government over the Earth. (b) To create and establish a "Universal Price Index" which will regulate costs. (c) To corporatize utilities (making them agencies of the United Fascist Union). (d) To establish a "Transferable Work Point Card" which will replace paper money and to replenish heavy industry wherever the empire is the organ of state by creating new construction projects.

3. Under the corporate dictatorship the global government will function like a corporation; powere being vested in the dictator of Nova Roma who sits atop the pyramid of government, acting as both a receiver and transmitter of the peoples general will. The collective will of the masses would travel up the pyramid of state and be channeled through the office of the dictator and would be transformed into constructive benevolent programs, then travel back down the pyramid of state, through which it would be distributed to the masses in the form of constructive social programs.

4. The people will be regimented, disciplined and controlled and they will stop thinking of themselves as individuals and act as components of the corporate collective. Being organized as employers, merchants and workers, they will function as members of the collective for a common effort towards development and production, as per the Italian model of government.