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Questions frequently posed to Mr. Grimes

Frenquently Asked Questions


Q.Why do you want to be President of the United States?

A.Because of my quest to use Fascism as a tool to upgrade the standard-of-living & improve the quality of life for each & every American man, woman & child.

Q.What are some key issues you and your party have?

A.We would like to restructure the American economy, bridging the gap between classes by instituting a form of socialism called Corporate Statism. Take America off of a metallic standard establishing instead a Work Point Standard like Mussolini did in Italy. We also favor abolishing paper money & the creation of a system of electronic credit & debit revolving around Transferable Work Point Cards.It is vital that we revive America's heavy industry. The United Fascist Union could acheive this objective by replicating what Mussolini & Hussein have already achieved respectively in Italy & Iraq.


Q.If you could get on national TV & speak to everyone in America, how would you explain your agenda to the public?

A.Aside from telling them why they should elect me President of this country, I would tell them why they should NOT reelect my opponent, George W. Bush, as I am opposed to him & his actions everywhere, at all times, in all places simply because he is what he is.

Q.How would you reform the healthcare system in this country?

A.President Bush's capping lawsuit amounts is not the solution, his caps are only encouraging a decline in medical care. We must determine why medical care is declining to solve the problem. The United Fascist Union has long believed that this country needs a system of socialized medicine.


Q.How would you institute social changes if elected President?

A.I would make utilities public, which would make them more affordable to the public & end the monopolies of utility cos. I would also halt urban sprawl by reviving center cities across America & enacting rules of public conduct that police would rigidly enforce. Lastly, in an attempt to save the American middle-class, the United Fascist Union would revive mercantile stores and attempt to preserve family farms.

Q.If you do not become President in 2008, what do you plan on doing afterwards?

A.Have you ever heard the old saying "try and try again"? There's always 2012 isn't there?

VOTE FASCIST!!!!  Elect Jack Grimes U.S. President in 2008!!!!!

If you have any questions you would like to ask Mr. Jack Grimes, please send them to the e-mail or postal address below.

e-mail: joanne_parker@hotmail.com