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Jack Grimes' Statement of Candidacy

 It is my intention to run for President in the election to be held in November 2008, because I believe we need more political movements in this country which should be every spectrum of the rainbow. I see not only a need for new grass roots movements in this country, but also, for the average man to step into the political arena and take an active role in government.

A Fascist candidate for President will shake up the driftwood and cause a few minds to get busy. We must break the two-party monopoly in conventional politics in this country if we are to preserve the American people's Freedom of Choice. We must create new political movements that the masses can polarize around if we are to keep the general public interested in politics, of those, surely one can be Fascist.

We must end the reign of terror of the capitalist elite, which has driven the middle-class to the brink of extinction and holds the poor down to a loathsome level where they are no better than medieval serfs. Corporate Statism, an economic system under which government and corporate interests cooperate with each other for the betterment and general welfare of the nation, whereby government makes a profit for the people instead of exploiting them is the perfect antidote to capitalism.

To correct the flaws in modern society the United Fascist Union recommends: Halting the monopolies on utilities; imposing a strict censorship on the press; halting urban sprawl; and enacting rules of public conduct which police would rigidly enforce.


Jack Grimes
Director & CEO of
the United Fascist Union

If you are interested in helping us win the 2008 presidential election you can contact us through our postal address or e-mail.